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Can Font Restaurant

The Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila offers through its restaurant Can Font, a complete avant-garde Mediterranean cuisine. Can Font is run by David Reartes Artigas, a chef with an outstanding career that has made him an influential figure in Ibiza's gastronomy. Originally from Barcelona, David moved to the Balearic island, where he has consolidated his career and developed a deep connection with the local culture and produce.

Since his arrival in Ibiza, David has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to sustainability and local cuisine. This approach is clearly manifested in his project ‘I Grow, You Cook’, an initiative that seeks to strengthen the relationship between local farmers and chefs. Through this collaboration, Reartes promotes the use of fresh, seasonal and locally grown ingredients, highlighting the importance of supporting small producers.

David focuses not only on the quality of the ingredients, but also on creating a unique cuisine that reflects Ibiza's identity. His gastronomic philosophy is based on highlighting the authentic flavours of local produce, innovating and reinterpreting the culinary tradition of the region. This dedication to indigenous and sustainable cuisine has earned him the respect and admiration of colleagues and diners alike.

With a successful track record, David Reartes Artigas continues to inspire other chefs and promote a cuisine that respects and celebrates the richness of local produce. His work in Ibiza is a testament to his passion for cooking and his commitment to the community, making each dish an expression of his love for the island and its traditions.

With seating for just 25 diners and a charming terrace with the best views of the old town. Can Font presents an exceptional tasting menu of seven courses plus desserts and petit fours that changes periodically. Among its most popular dishes are the sirvia ceviche, scallops with tupinambo and jalapeño emulsion or suckling pig with roasted onion and peach cream.

We hope you enjoy the experience!


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